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How to throw a Rosé party

Are you looking to throw a fun Rosé wine tasting party at home? Get ready to Rosé all day with these top pink party tips including ideas around decor, wine selection, food pairings, activities, and more.

A selection of Rosé wine glasses with some fruit and flowers.
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Set the date: Any day is a great day for a pink party theme but some occasions simply call for a Rosé themed event. National or international Rosé day, a girls’ get-together, Valentine’s Day or galentines, bridal shower or hen’s night, and baby showers are all great occasions for a Rosé party.

Invite Rosé lovers: Fully celebrate the pink drink by inviting a diverse group of friends who love Rosé and are open to trying different types of wines.

A glass of vegan Rosé wines in a boho setting.

Pretty-in-pink decor

Think pink. Set up the perfect Rosé tasting party with a pop of color and blush decor. A pink photo booth, blush and golden balloon garland, plenty of fresh flowers including a rose flower walls, and some quirky Rosé quotes color your event nicely.

Fun wine accessories in 50 shades of pink such as Champagne coupes, ice coolers, and trays offer a great way to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

Add edible pink decor including pink candy floss, fresh berries, edible flower garnishes, and candies to sweeten things up.

Rosé wine bar

The focal point should be the rosé bar where your guests can sample a variety of Rosés to find their favorite Rosé drink. A large table or bar cart works well.

Your Rosé wine bar can feature a variety of styles of Rosé of course. Make sure to clearly label the wines by themes to help your guests find the right pink drink.

Here are a few Rosé tasting themes:


While the go-to Rosé wines are likely still wines, make sure to include sparkling options such as Rosé champagne, cava, pét-nat, and prosecco as well. Sneak in an alcohol-free Rosé to see if anyone notices the difference and to have a non-alcoholic Rosé wine on offer as well.


Bone dry, dry, off-dry, medium-sweet, sweet – Rosé comes in almost as many sweetness levels as shades of pink. I suggest including at least a dry, off-dry and sweet option to cover your bases.

Check with your retailer or the tasting note online for some help in determining the sweetness of the wines. Rosé wine can have between 1 and 120 grams of residual sugar per liter which gives you a good indication of where the wine is at.

Country / regions

France, Spain, USA, and Italy are producing the lion’s share of Rosé consumed in the world. Consider offering a selection of wines by these countries and the following Rosé regions in particular:

  • Provence / France
  • Loire Valley / France
  • Champagne / France
  • Rioja / Spain
  • Piedmont / Italy
  • California / USA
  • Marlborough / New Zealand
Two Rosé lemonade cocktails on a marble tray next to a golden spoon.

Rosé mixed drinks

Mix it up with some Rosé cocktails. Here are some ideas:


Rather than providing all wines yourself, ask your guests to bring an interesting Rosé along. You’re bound to end up with an eclectic selection of wines.

Perfect Rosé food pairings

Luckily Rosé is the perfect party guest as the wine style pairs exceptionally well with a variety of party foods such as a charcuterie board, cheese platter, anti-pasti selection, pizza, and tapas to name a few. My deconstructed burrata bruschetta is a great example.

Don’t forget Rosé desserts. Spiked Panna cotta, Rosé cake, fresh fruit, especially strawberries, jelly, or cupcakes all make delicious wine tasting party food. Check out my Rosé food pairing guide for more ideas.

Two champagne coupes with Brown Brothers prosecco panna cotta and a bottle of prosecco in the background.

Rosé party activities

Blind tasting: When blind tasting wine you’re able to evaluate a wine’s quality without being influenced by its appearance, price, or reputation. Simply cover the bottles in paper bags and remove the caps to remove all clues as to which Rosé it might be. Number the wines and give your guests a notepad and pen to record their thoughts about the wines. You can turn it into a guessing game and award points for correct matches.

Rosé degustation: Create a tasting menu of small bites matched with different types of Rosé.

Invite an expert: Hire a professional wine expert or sommelier to run the tasting and provide more information on the delicious Rosé wines. Add a special touch to your event by turning it into a virtual wine tasting. Call in a prestigious sommelier or winemaker via video conference.

Rosé fun: Create a fun atmosphere with a social media worthy photo booth, a Rosé quiz, or Rosé quotes.

How to be a responsible host

The wine party might have a Rosé all day theme, but as a responsible host, focus on high quality over quantity. Make sure you’re offering small tasting pours rather than full servings so your guests can try a variety of wines. Ensure you have food, plenty of water, and non-alc drinks throughout the whole event.

To ensure everyone gets home safely, offer to call a taxi or allow your guests to spend the night if needed.

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